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  • Rich, Historic Value

    When you opt to utilize refurbished materials from the Urban Beaver, you are sure to get the very best reclaimed furniture of your choice. When you make the choice to buy your reclaimed furniture and materials at Urban Beaver you are essentially saying you would like to “step back into history” and give your home or office this one of a kind ambiance. If you need to buy a reclaimed table in San Francisco or you would like to purchase a set of refurbished chairs, you will find here.

  • Environment Friendly Choice

    One very good reason that you may want to consider recycled furniture materials is for the health and future of the environment in which we live. When you opt for purchasing used timber you are playing a vital role in preserving our environment and keeping the landfills from being over filled. Choosing Urban Beaver as your furniture resource is making the statement that you desire to “go green” and be a person who chooses eco-friendly materials

  • Unique Style, Strength & Durability!

    Nothing adds more charm and appeal to a room in your home or office like a one of a kind piece of furniture does. Not only does this recycled wood add character to your décor, but also each piece is like a page out of history ready to be discovered. Old wood has a greater density and is also dimensionally more stable. Urban Beaver is proud to give new life and revitalization to old growth by offering a broad variety of refurbished timber for all your building needs.

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